Friday, December 10, 2021

Adventure Reborn: story game point and click
Dali Games: adventure games
Adventure Reborn: story game point and click
UPDATE: Added chapter: captains deck.NEWLINE Adventure Reborn is an adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Its unique atmosphere is built by colorful characters and a touching story, full of plot twists. NEWLINE NEWLINE In the game you will direct the story of Hope, a brave girl with a mysterious past. Face the dangerous Crow cult and save your parents before it's too late! NEWLINE Who is the mysterious Dr. Frank and the cult that supports him? Will their sinister plan be realized? What role does Hope play in it? NEWLINE You will find the answers to these questions while exploring dozens of colorful locations. Take on hundreds of carefully designed puzzles. Meet amazing heroes and discover secrets hidden in the post-apocalyptic world of Reborn! NEWLINE NEWLINE MAIN FEATURES NEWLINE A touching story, full of plot twists. NEWLINE Breakthrough gameplay with hundreds of unique puzzles. NEWLINE Possibility of making decisions that affect the story. NEWLINE Dozens of levels with stunning graphics. NEWLINE Original musical setting. NEWLINE NEWLINE ABOUT DALI GAMES NEWLINE We are an independent studio that produces adventure games. We made our debut with Lucid Dream, which has won a number of awards and wide recognition among players and reviewers around the world. The number of people playing it has exceeded 3 million. Our productions provide satisfying gameplay, often touching on difficult topics. We think outside the box, providing entertainment at the highest level.

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