Monday, July 26, 2021

LogicRoom - City Escapes: Trapped in Chernobyl


City Escapes: Trapped in Chernobyl

Your tourist visit to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant did not go as expected. A series of events ended with you trapped inside and the only way to get out will be your wits.NEWLINENEWLINELive all the spirit of an escape room together with the comfort of an app, with the kind of riddles you would find in a real room.NEWLINENEWLINEEnjoy more than four hours of fun for free in a game that will not make it easy for you. Can you combine the cunning, skill and logic necessary to complete the challenge?NEWLINENEWLINE😀 Play alone or in company. Anywhere is good: on the couch, having a drink with friends, in the park outdoors...NEWLINENEWLINE⚡ You won't get stuck. If any of the games is not good for you, a clever hint system will help you to go on. But if you want to accept the challenge and solve it by yourself, do not touch the clues!NEWLINENEWLINE🏆 Progress freely through the story choosing your own path and discovering at every step new places and surprising challenges that will try your mind.NEWLINENEWLINE🕗 No hurries. Take the time you need to play and move forward in the adventure. You can pause the game and continue when it suits you.NEWLINENEWLINE📷 Once the adventure is completed you will have the opportunity to take a photo with your final score to share it on social networks.NEWLINENEWLINE👪 Recommended age starting 12 years. Minors can play, but they may need help.NEWLINENEWLINERemarkable features:NEWLINE• Virtual escape roomNEWLINE• Fully intuitive gameNEWLINE• Does not require specific knowledgeNEWLINE• Compatible with HD displaysNEWLINE• Immediate start as soon as you press the iconNEWLINE• Medium-high difficulty levelNEWLINENEWLINEFollow us on Instagram:

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