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Lory Hidden Object Games - Mysteries Hidden In Famous Paintings

Lory Hidden Object Games

Mysteries Hidden In Famous Paintings

The strangest criminal cases happened in many popular museums and art galleries around the world a week ago. The most famous paintings were stolen and then mysteriously brought back on their places. But they don't look the same any more. There are some items painted that don't belong there, the hidden secrets in famous works of art that has to be found out and removed instantly. Restore the pictures – reveal Mysteries Hidden in Famous Paintings and remove them as soon as possible. Play the best search and find game free download and solve the mystery!NEWLINENEWLINENEWLINEWhy is "Mysteries Hidden in Famous Paintings" game the best?NEWLINENEWLINE🎨 The best hidden object game is translated in 15 languages!NEWLINE🎨 There are fantastically designed scenes you are gonna love!NEWLINE🎨 It has a great number of mysterious objects hidden in paintings!NEWLINE🎨 Amazing zoom feature will help you find hidden items easily!NEWLINE🎨 Soothing music and effects make this the best relaxing game!NEWLINE🎨 Find hidden objects in famous paintings using free hints!NEWLINE🎨 A lot of different gameplays that make the game addictive!NEWLINENEWLINERead the hidden messages in famous paintings and save the masterpieces of Picasso, Renoir, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh and many other! Study each picture thoroughly and discover the hidden secrets in famous paintings. Find hidden objects in pictures and remove them. Bring each painting back to its original look. Search and find hidden items and solve the mystery case. Conservation and restoration of paintings are inevitable because they have to be displayed and available for the tourists as soon as possible. Find the difference between pictures and remove the objects that don't belong to the original painting. It is time for you to solve the Mysteries Hidden in Famous Paintings and enjoy playing the best seek and find hidden object game free.NEWLINENEWLINEDiscover the most famous paintings' secret images and hidden meanings!NEWLINENEWLINEMasterpieces with unexpected secrets are waiting for you to restore them! Reveal Leonardo da Vinci last Supper secrets and solve the mystery case. Nobody can answer the question why someone would do such a crime to the world of art. Paintings with hidden images are made by a well-organized mafia that stole Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" from the Museum in Florence, Italy. They made fun out of this fabulous work of art. Now you have to spot hidden objects in pictures and remove them to bring it back to normal. Some villains enter the Sistine Chapel during the night and ruined Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam", one of the best works of art ever made. Play "Mysteries Hidden in Famous Paintings" and be a hero who saved the most famous works of art in history.NEWLINENEWLINEFamous paintings with hidden codes are here to check up your detective skills!NEWLINENEWLINEFamous paintings with hidden pictures in them are all around the world now. Save them all! Play Mysteries Hidden in Famous Paintings – the best hidden objects game full version free download 2019 and be sure that this is one of the most relaxing games for adults and all generations. Hidden secrets from legendary paintings are here to tell us something. The mafia painters sent us some hidden messages, it is on us to find out what they are talking about. Challenge your brain and solve this mystery case and reveal the secrets in art!

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