Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Quicksailor - Escape Dungeon Breakout 2


Escape Dungeon Breakout 2

Escape Dungeon Breakout 2 has 20 Room to Escape!NEWLINENEWLINEIt's a dungeon where you finally land up after a small mistake committed in the public. All you need to do is, collect all the objects found in there and make use of it and try to escape without getting caught again by the guards taking care of the place. Go ahead prove your braveness, use the objects properly and get out from the dungeon without any trouble. Go ahead play this app and have a brave escape from the dungeon.NEWLINEDownload this free Quicksailor Dungeon Breakout Escape app and have a bold playtime!NEWLINEInstruction:NEWLINEGo through the place find all the objects and escape from the dungeon. Have a brave play!NEWLINEFeatures:NEWLINE• Game play with 18 rooms.NEWLINE• New levels will be available in future updatesNEWLINE• Free to Download.NEWLINE• Awesome Graphics.NEWLINE• Dungeon Escape App.NEWLINE• Room Escape Game App.NEWLINE• Looks Tough but Simple to Escape.NEWLINE• Puzzles to Solve.NEWLINE• More than one hour game playNEWLINE• Find Hidden Objects for bonus points.

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