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Webelinx Hidden Object Games - Hidden Objects - Secret Love

Webelinx Hidden Object Games

Hidden Objects - Secret Love

Hey there, fans of mystery games from all over the globe, we have a new romantic adventure with hidden objects, secret messages and breathtaking pictures of a modern fairy tale! Download **Hidden Objects - Secret Love**, the incredible "love game" with ingeniously placed hidden objects that you need to look for and discover in many different levels!NEWLINENEWLINELook for hidden objects that your soulmate left behind for you, such as love letters, presents, jewelry, makeup and many other surprises! Love scenes will make you feel like you're in a fairy tale, while you "search and find hidden objects" in your love suite, fantasy garden, romantic picnic and many more locations! We turned romantic tales of love into a challenging picture puzzle with missing items that you need to search and find! Embark on the ultimate "finding hidden objects" quest! NEWLINENEWLINEFEATURES:NEWLINENEWLINE- 1000+ objects to discover!NEWLINE- Excellent zoom option – locate the tiniest objects!NEWLINE- Text mode – revise your vocabulary!NEWLINE- Hints to help you if you get stuck!NEWLINE- Collect stars to pass levels!NEWLINE- Download **Hidden Objects - Secret Love** FREE!NEWLINENEWLINESpy with your little eye all the cute love objects in amazing environments and complete your fairy tale quest to find true love and romance! Love games with levels will turn you into a real romantic, but also a detective with a keen eye for details! Looking for great creative puzzles that enhance cognitive capacities but also provide great entertainment? Look no further! Our hidden object detective games for all ages are exactly what you need.NEWLINENEWLINELook for objects such as flowers, hearts, chocolate, candies, and love letters in the best valentine's day games! Enjoy the fantasy journey through the romantic scenery and find your secret soulmate – free hidden object games for girls bring hours of fun and amazing brain-teasing adventure! Clean the messy rooms of your secret love nest and exercise your memory and concentration with the best hidden object games free of charge, suitable for both kids and adults who love puzzle solving and secret treasure hunt games. Be the best sleuth with your little loupe and solve the mystery of lost things inside this photo puzzle game! NEWLINENEWLINESolve a mysterious case of lost objects, such as pearl necklaces, expensive scarves and princess shoes. "Find missing items" in the pictures and tap on them to collect them. While playing this spectacular "hidden object love" game, you can revise your vocabulary and learn some new words related to love and romance. We combined vocabulary games, love adventures and picture puzzle games to create breathtaking HO games for all generations. NEWLINENEWLINEThe rooms are strewn with things, so do a home makeover and "seek and find missing objects" in the secret mansion. Our romantic gateway hides many secrets and mysteries - come and discover them in the cutest valentines games for girls! NEWLINENEWLINEDownload **Hidden Objects - Secret Love**, one of the most addictive adventure games on the Play Store and become a real Sherlock, free of charge! Find items in pictures as fast as you can and collect at least three stars to advance to the next level – beat the clock and find more than a thousand items in record time.

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