Friday, August 27, 2021
Elephant Games LLC

Paranormal Files: Ghost Chapter

Thirteen years pass after Rick's mysterious disappearance during his investigation of a strange shop called “Worlds' Mysteries". Rachel is starting to lose hope, when she suddenly gets a new lead that takes her and PF agency team to an abandoned estate that is surrounded by scandalous rumors and is believed to be haunted. Will Rachel and her team be able to uncover all of the secrets and find their friend? Or will they fall victims to evil ghosts and stay trapped in the estate forever? Find this out in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure! NEWLINE - HELP RACHEL COWELL UNCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE MYSTERIOUS HAUNTED ESTATE NEWLINE It's been years since Rick Rogers mysteriously disappeared during his last investigation, before his partner, Rache Cowell, suddenly gets a new lead. The lead takes Rachel and her crew to a mysterious estate that is surrounded by scandalous rumors, secrets, and also evil spirits! Will Rachel be able to uncover every dark secret of this place and avoid the fate of joining the ghosts that are trapped inside? NEWLINE NEWLINE - LOOK FOR THE CLUES CONNECTED TO RICK'S DISAPPEARANCE NEWLINE Play challenging puzzles and hidden object scenes to prove that no secret can stay hidden from sharp and persistent Rachel Cowell. NEWLINE NEWLINE - IN BONUS CHAPTER: HELP A SPIRIT BE REUNITED WITH HIS FAMILY NEWLINE After falling asleep Rachel finds herself being locked back at the haunted estate. Is it a dream or was she somehow summoned back there by some mysterious force? And who's that ghost that keeps appearing before her and making her go through different challenges? NEWLINE NEWLINE Discover more from Elephant Games!

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