Thursday, August 26, 2021
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Scary Horror 2: Escape Games

CHAPTER 2: Coming soon… NEWLINE September-October 2021 – your escape horror will continue. NEWLINE Wait for the next update and survive the next scary adventure! NEWLINE *** NEWLINE On your 30th birthday you will be kidnapped! Scared? Well, you should be… NEWLINE NEWLINE New escape room horror – Scary Horror Escape, part 2! Become a character in scary games: incredible horror adventure full of terror and suspense, elaborate riddles, unexpected plot twists, thrilling mysteries and endless horror. Be prepared to face your fear in horror games offline! NEWLINE NEWLINE CHAPTER 1: Kidnapping NEWLINE NEWLINE Someone puts a bag on your head and drags you to the car. Where're they taking you? What's happening… You open your eyes in some god-forsaken place. Dirty room, dim lights, no way out! What kind of a wicked game is it? You have to find out! NEWLINE NEWLINE Go on a scary adventure, solve puzzles to escape room and find the way out of the nightmare in horror escape games. NEWLINE NEWLINE Well-made brain teaser for those who like creepy games, horror adventure, scary puzzle games and house escape genre. This mind-blowing thriller will take you through an unforgettable horror story infused with mysteries and evil traps. Live-like animation and eerie sound effects creates an atmosphere of a real terror. Difficult puzzles and elaborate riddles make your brain work at its full capacity. NEWLINE NEWLINE UNFORGETTABLE HORROR ADVENTURE NEWLINE NEWLINE * Escape room horror with multiple locations NEWLINE * Many challenging puzzles and interesting riddles NEWLINE * Scary horror story that gives you goosebumps NEWLINE * Intriguing plot twists and the ending you never see coming NEWLINE * High-quality graphics and realistic picture NEWLINE * Eerie atmosphere and spooky sound effects NEWLINE * Scary horror games offline and without WiFi NEWLINE * Free hints and clear clues NEWLINE * Simple controls and user-friendly interface NEWLINE NEWLINE Challenge yourself with high-quality escape horror games! Try get out alive and don't let your fear take control of you. Is it possible to escape the room with no doors and windows? We'll see. Put your best efforts into finding answers and solving riddles to win these scary escape games. Explore creepy rooms, open locked doors, gather clues and uncover the truth of your abduction. NEWLINE NEWLINE Horror puzzle games combine scary survival with escape room horror. Not only will you solve riddles to escape but you'll also become a part of the plot and see how the story ends. NEWLINE NEWLINE For those who like creepy escape adventure and survival horror games, we have many scary games for adults and escape mysteries for kids. Try escape room puzzles and other horror games offline for free. Check out “Escape Adventure Games” page, play all horror quests and wait for more scary horror games.

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