Saturday, August 14, 2021
Mitchell Room

Escape game cat and fruit room

It is a fruit-themed escape game from a stylish room. NEWLINE You can play in a short time and it is perfect for killing time! NEWLINE It is a casual escape game that you can easily play in your spare time because it has an auto save function. NEWLINE It is a simple escape game that solves mysteries, so it is also recommended for beginners. NEWLINE You can play for free until the end NEWLINE NEWLINE [Recommended for people like this] NEWLINE -People who want to enjoy the atmosphere of a stylish interior room NEWLINE -People who like cute cats NEWLINE・ Those who like escape games NEWLINE ・ Those who like simple puzzle solving NEWLINE NEWLINE [Features] NEWLINE ・ Volume can be adjusted NEWLINE ・ Easy tap operation NEWLINE・ You can see hints from the meat ball button on the upper left of the screen NEWLINE ・ With auto save function NEWLINE ・ There is no horror element NEWLINE NEWLINE [How to play] NEWLINE ・ Tap where you are interested Check NEWLINE -Tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to move the screen NEWLINE -Tap to select the item you got. Tap again to enlarge NEWLINE -Select an item and tap a suspicious place. Then you can use the item. NEWLINE -If you don't understand, let's see the hint. NEWLINE NEWLINE [Music] NEWLINE Sound Lab NEWLINE Amacha no Ongaku Kobo

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