Friday, August 13, 2021

Tale Of Tales - The Frog Prince
Neve Braimok
Tale Of Tales - The Frog Prince
Based on the fairy tale - "The Frog Prince". NEWLINE High in the castle a princess awaits, you will have to plan your steps and find a way to bring the golden ball to her. NEWLINE Use your long tongue to grab and swallow the golden ball, but beware, the ball is heavy. NEWLINE NEWLINE Note that the game is challenging and will require some time to solve the puzzles. NEWLINE NEWLINE Enjoy! NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE Credits: NEWLINE Music: NEWLINE - Matthew Pablo (Salt Marsh Birds, Beyond The Clouds). NEWLINE - Alex McCulloch (Town 3). NEWLINE - SubspaceAudio (Home Town). NEWLINE - "The World At Your Door" Composed by Jonathan Shaw ( NEWLINE - TAD (Ice Cave). NEWLINE - Jon K. Fite (Fanfare for the King). NEWLINE NEWLINE Sound Effects: NEWLINE - Marcelo Fernandez (Dreaming). NEWLINE - Brandon Morris (completetask). NEWLINE - TinyWorlds (mud). NEWLINE - Nicole Marie T (Page Turning Sfx). NEWLINE - Iwan 'qubodup' Gabovitch (Item Handling "qubodupItemHandling").

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