Friday, August 20, 2021

Tale Of Tales - Hansel And Gretel
Neve Braimok
Tale Of Tales - Hansel And Gretel
Play as both Hansel and Gretel. NEWLINE Gather items, meet magical creatures, overcome dangers, reveal secrets, and live happily ever after. NEWLINE NEWLINE Enjoy! NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE Credits: NEWLINE Music: NEWLINE - "City of Rain" by Scott Elliott NEWLINE - "World Map" by Scott Elliott NEWLINE - "The Beautiful Trees" by mvrasseli NEWLINE - "Un Commencement" by Dogers NEWLINE - "Ice Cave" by TAD NEWLINE - "Magetheme" by maou NEWLINE - Oblivion Symphonic Variations, by Li-Hsin Huang, licensed under NEWLINE - "The Forgotten Forest" by Joe Baxter-Webb at NEWLINE NEWLINE Sound Effects: NEWLINE - Annulet of absorption by CosmicD NEWLINE - Ext recording of paddle movement in water near rocky shore, AGFX NEWLINE - body-fall-5 by CosmicEmbers NEWLINE - "Chewing, Carrot, A.wav" by InspectorJ ( of NEWLINE - Cutting sound: slicing through a red onion with a knife. Grating and cutting sounds and single slice. Recorded on tascam DR-40.

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