Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Cats in Time - Relaxing Puzzle Game

Hello explorers! NEWLINEMy name is Professor Tim Edger, and I'm the inventor of the time machine and an avid cat lover! Sadly, I have a problem, and maybe YOU can help me.NEWLINEYou see, my beloved cats are missing. While playing in the lab, they've activated my time machine and ⚡zap⚡, now they are lost in space and time! You have to travel from ancient Egypt, all the way to the streets of late 20. century New York, and even beyond the present - to future Tokyo. NEWLINEYour goal is to find all the cats! Please be careful; these cats are really good at hiding. NEWLINENEWLINE😺 CUTE CATS 😺NEWLINESave more than 200 cats hiding in the most unusual of places.NEWLINENEWLINE🧩 TACTILE PUZZLES 🧩NEWLINESolve amazing puzzles and riddles to save all the trapped cats. NEWLINENEWLINE⭐️️ BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED 3D LEVELS ⭐️NEWLINEEscape to six distinctive locations set in different ages.NEWLINENEWLINE🎶 RELAXING SOUNDTRACK 🎶NEWLINEListen to the relaxing sounds of the period while exploring.NEWLINENEWLINE💎 FREE TO TRY 💎NEWLINEThe first two ages are free to play! Unfortunately, the time machine is expensive to run, so the rest can be unlocked with a single purchase later. NEWLINENEWLINETake your time (heh), and enjoy the trip! NEWLINEProfessor Tim E.

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