Sunday, August 29, 2021

Slimomo - Pam's House: An Escape Game


Pam's House: An Escape Game

You are having an awesome time with your friend Pam at her house but now it's just about time to go and... uh oh! Pam wants you to explore the rooms and garden of her home and solve several puzzles before you leave. Can you solve them all?NEWLINENEWLINEHow to Play:NEWLINEMove from room to room by tapping the arrows on the edges of the screen when available.NEWLINECollect items in the environment and add them to your inventory by tapping on them.NEWLINEInteract with puzzles by tapping the right parts in sequence or by using the correct items in your inventory (for example, using a key with a lock).NEWLINEYou can get a bigger view of any selected items you've collected by tapping the item and then the zoom icon to the right of your inventory.NEWLINENEWLINEFeatures:NEWLINE6 rooms and 3 outside areas each with at least one puzzle.NEWLINEHand-drawn graphics.NEWLINEFree bonus game stage with 3 extra rooms.NEWLINEUses logic thinking.NEWLINE100% free.NEWLINEHints for trickier puzzles.NEWLINESimple point-and-click controls.NEWLINEUses escape-room and hidden object game styles.NEWLINEPerfect game to play during a short break.NEWLINENEWLINEPlease download and enjoy today!NEWLINENEWLINEPrivacy policy:NEWLINE

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