Sunday, September 12, 2021
Friendly Fox Studio

Hidden Objects - Immortal Love: Miracle Price

Immortal Love: The Price of a Miracle is an adventure game with lots of hidden objects, mini-games & puzzles to solve from Friendly Fox Studio.NEWLINENEWLINETRY THE FREE TRIAL VERSION, AND THEN UNLOCK THE COMPLETE ADVENTURE IN THE GAME !NEWLINENEWLINEAre you a crazy fan of mystery, puzzles & brain teasers? Then Immortal Love: The Price of a Miracle is the thrilling adventure you've been waiting for!NEWLINENEWLINE⭐ DIVE IN THE UNIQUE STORY LINE AND START YOUR JOURNEY !NEWLINEA childhood friend has offered to sell your father a very rare artifact. He's agreed to meet with you and your father at the local tavern, but something feels amiss. This artifact is hiding a dark secret, and a mysterious brotherhood will do anything to get it! Can you use the artifact to save your friends, or will you fall prey to its powerful magic?NEWLINENEWLINE⭐ SOLVE UNIQUE PUZZLES, BRAIN TEASERS, SEEK AND FIND HIDDEN OBJECTS !NEWLINEEngage your sense of observation to find all hidden objects. Think you'd make a great detective? Navigate through beautiful mini-games, brain teasers, solve remarkable puzzles, and collect concealed clues in this charming game.NEWLINENEWLINE⭐ COMPLETE THE DETECTIVE STORY IN BONUS CHAPTERNEWLINEThe title comes with a Standard Game and Bonus chapter segments, but it will offer even more content that will keep you entertained for hours! Play as Conrad in the bonus chapter!NEWLINENEWLINE⭐ ENJOY A COLLECTION OF BONUSESNEWLINE- Never get lost with the integrated strategy guide!NEWLINE- Find all the collectibles and morphing object to unlock special bonuses!NEWLINE- See if you have what it takes to earn every achievement!NEWLINENEWLINEImmortal Love: The Price of a Miracle features are:NEWLINE- Immerse yourself in an amazing adventure.NEWLINE- Solve intuitive mini-games, brain teasers, & unique puzzles.NEWLINE- Explore 40+ stunning locations.NEWLINE- Spectacular graphics!NEWLINE- Assemble collections, seek & find morphing objects.NEWLINE- Optimized for tablets and phones.NEWLINENEWLINEDiscover more from Friendly Fox Studio:NEWLINENEWLINETerms of Use: Policy: website: us on:

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