Wednesday, September 8, 2021
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Escape Room Mystery - Treasure of Abyss

The entire team of Hidden Fun Games is thrilled to welcome you on board. We hope you'll enjoyNEWLINEescaping from mysterious places here!NEWLINEImagine you're escaping from a place which is a current contemporary villa and you try alsoNEWLINEswitching to enter an ancient palace which is unfortunately locked and you are in search of a keyNEWLINEwhere you are to be bestowed with a priceless treasure simultaneously.NEWLINEIf you can move and enjoy the mysterious adventure games by clicking and tapping and solvingNEWLINEinteresting puzzles, you've come to the perfect place.NEWLINEOur game will be a detoxifier for escape game hunters. Here we assure you to get the feel of realNEWLINElife hacks to play in the game for escaping.NEWLINEEasy gaming controls and alluring user interface pleases players from all age groups. Grab yourNEWLINEoperative minds open and lens to find the hidden objects to plan your Escape plan. Put on yourNEWLINElogical thoughts and solve the various number and letter puzzles to open the locks. Solve the riddlesNEWLINEby exploring the clues found.NEWLINEYou will never get exhausted with this adventurous escape game as it has divergent levels and eachNEWLINElevel has different puzzles and themes. Our game is beautifully designed with colourful interactiveNEWLINEgraphics and dressed up with appealing game-play objects that alleviates your eyes. Make up yourNEWLINEmind to jump into a game of logic and fun. Observe, Analyze and use your logical skills to escapeNEWLINEthe mysterious Room.NEWLINEIf you are a big fan of room escape games, don't hesitate to try our game! We promise to make theNEWLINEmost unforgettable game experience for you! You have to find a way to escape from there byNEWLINEfinding useful hidden objects and riddling puzzles. Use your skills to gather the necessary items inNEWLINEthe adventurous world to escape yourself from the riddles.NEWLINEDo you want to feel adventurous and investigate finding hidden objects then hop in, play andNEWLINEexperience it.NEWLINENEWLINEGame story:NEWLINEThe archaeologist team is trying to find the Queen's treasures which have been hidden for more thanNEWLINE1500 years. The treasure can be obtained with the Queen's locket and with 9 more allied nationNEWLINElockets. Our archaeologist team set up a mission to find the lockets with all the clues by facing theNEWLINEobstacles from the Abyss Cult Gang, which is formed by the Queen herself. What will happen toNEWLINEthem? Will they succeed? Find it yourself! Happy Gaming!NEWLINENEWLINEFeatures:NEWLINE*101 Addictive LevelsNEWLINE*Game localized in 25 major languagesNEWLINE*User friendly hintsNEWLINE*Realistic Background designsNEWLINE*Numerous Riddling Puzzles

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