Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Don't Stop Corocco2 - Escape Game
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Don't Stop Corocco2 - Escape Game
This is a new entry in the "Don't Stop Corocco" series of stage-clearing escape games! NEWLINE Let's make a way to proceed the stone Corocco while solving the mystery! NEWLINE NEWLINE You don't need to have played the previous game, "Don't Stop Corocco" to enjoy this game. NEWLINE NEWLINE Basically free : NEWLINE - You can enjoy it for free until the end. NEWLINE - There is a charge for using ad removal. NEWLINE NEWLINE How to play : NEWLINE - You can get it by tapping the item on the screen. NEWLINE - Drag and drop items onto various objects to advance the game. NEWLINE - Corocco can not jump. Because he is a stone. NEWLINE - If you can make a path for Corocco to get through, you will clear the stage. NEWLINE NEWLINE Features : NEWLINE - The level of difficulty is beginner to intermediate. NEWLINE - It can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. NEWLINE - If you get confused, you can see the hints from the menu at the top right of the screen. NEWLINE NEWLINE Stage introduction NEWLINE 1: Tutorial NEWLINE 2: Where is the radio control button NEWLINE 3: Let's catch orange NEWLINE 4: Nice pose NEWLINE 5: Watermelon seeds NEWLINE 6: Round and round office chair NEWLINE 7: Long plants NEWLINE 8: Karate vs car NEWLINE 9: Hidden my strawberries NEWLINE 10: Windows and arrows NEWLINE 11: Various postures NEWLINE 12: ABC brothers and hamburgers NEWLINE 13: Hit the block from below NEWLINE 14: Hat and numbers NEWLINE 15: Get up and jump NEWLINE 16: A person who stretches NEWLINE 17: Nice catch NEWLINE 18: Bird pecking counter NEWLINE 19: Lemon and border NEWLINE 20: Flock of birds NEWLINE 21: Balloons and pins NEWLINE 22: Lighting and string NEWLINE 23: Find the candle NEWLINE 24: Pinball NEWLINE 25: Penlight NEWLINE 26: Alpaca hair NEWLINE 27: Camera and uncle NEWLINE 28: Rotating maze NEWLINE 29: Shaven head and towel NEWLINE 30: Escape from the cave

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