Tuesday, September 14, 2021

MechCube: Dark Stories
MechCube: Dark Stories
This is the second point-and-click game from the MechCube series – a truly titanic structure discovered by an ill-fated expedition in the ancient ice of Antarctica. The Cube consists of many rooms; in the center of each room there is a puzzle device; once you solve the puzzle you can unlock the doors to the adjacent rooms. But be careful! The space and time inside the Cube are intermixed; an open door can lead you to prehistoric Earth, to a dimension of unimaginable horror, or into the vacuum of open space! NEWLINE NEWLINE Features of Mechanical Cube: Dark Stories NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔥 Addictive gameplay set in a world of dark science fiction; an abundance of challenging mysteries for fans who have been anxiously awaiting the sequel to MechCube: Escape NEWLINE 🔥 Numerous spine-chilling traps in an epic point-and-click adventure NEWLINE 🔥 Beautiful comic book style graphics handcrafted by our talented artist NEWLINE 🔥 Atmospheric soundtrack NEWLINE 🔥 Challenging but enthralling riddles and puzzles NEWLINE 🔥 Find secrets, endings and Easter eggs hidden in the mystical labyrinths of the Cube NEWLINE 🔥 A most unusual quest and escape-room type gameplay NEWLINE 🔥 Are you stuck? There are hints and a skip level function! NEWLINE 🔥 Improve your out the box thinking skills by solving the logic riddles of Dark Stories NEWLINE 🔥 Easy to start, but challenging to finish NEWLINE 🔥 Challenging cyphers and logic problems NEWLINE 🔥 Regular updates that add new puzzles NEWLINE 🔥 A unique plot designed as a visual novella NEWLINE 🔥 Achievements: gather up collectables and unlock several possible endings NEWLINE 🔥 Solve puzzles, drag and drop objects, interact with objects by clicking on them NEWLINE 🔥 The game is free and requires no Internet connection (can be played offline, while traveling) NEWLINE 🔥 What are you waiting for? Start solving challenging puzzles right now!

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