Friday, September 3, 2021

Mystery Box Hidden Secrets
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Mystery Box Hidden Secrets
Mystery Box is a point-and-click puzzle game where you have to solve intriguing riddles to open boxes and get pieces to discover the history of the world's most popular inventions. NEWLINE NEWLINE To unlock the boxes you have to interact with objects, handles, buttons, and wheels on each side. You can find hidden puzzle pieces on a side of the boxes as well. NEWLINE NEWLINE • REALISTIC GRAPHICS NEWLINE It feels like you're handling a real box in a dark room. NEWLINE NEWLINE • DISCOVER INVENTIONS NEWLINE Once you open all 8 boxes of a chosen pack, find hidden puzzle pieces to compose a figure and find out a brief history of the discovered invention. NEWLINE NEWLINE • AMAZING PUZZLES NEWLINE Think outside of the box to solve all riddles, it's not always easy. NEWLINE Leonardo da Vinci would have a hard time opening all the boxes of this game! NEWLINE NEWLINE • CHILLING BACKGROUND MUSIC NEWLINE Play the game with your headphones to get totally immersed in it! NEWLINE NEWLINE • FREE TO PLAY NEWLINE Download Mystery Box now and enjoy 32 free levels. NEWLINE NEWLINE • GUARANTEED FUN NEWLINE Like jack in the box games, or escape room games, Mystery Box will give you hours of fun and will also challenge your brain skills with some good tricky riddles NEWLINE NEWLINE • VIDEO HINTS NEWLINE In case you get stuck you can click the bulb button to watch a video that will help you solve puzzles and finish a level NEWLINE NEWLINE • SHARE INVENTIONS NEWLINE Get exposed on Twitter by sharing the game after completing an invention image on the Discovery screen. Let your community know what you're playing

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