Saturday, October 9, 2021
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Keyless Closed Room-Mystery Escape Game-

"Keyless closed room" is a mystery-solving reasoning game where you solve the mystery of the case while escaping the closed room. Solve all the mysteries of all 10 rooms and hunt down the true criminal! NEWLINE NEWLINE You can play the whole story for free. NEWLINE I would like people who are good at mystery games to play it. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◆ Synopsis NEWLINE Shinji Mamiya participated in the alumni association held for the first time since graduating from high school. NEWLINE Four people at the same table got excited and decided to drink again at another store after the dissolution. NEWLINE However, I lost my memory on the way, and when I noticed, I was in a strange room ... NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE ◆ How to play in a closed room without a key NEWLINE 1. Solve the mystery of each room and escape NEWLINE 2. Collect items that can be used as clues for the incident in each room NEWLINE 3. Find the true criminal and use evidence to hunt down NEWLINE NEWLINE ◆ Hint function NEWLINE A mystery by viewing the video You can see the hints for solving. NEWLINE This is useful when you want to solve it by yourself but have no idea at all. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◆ Recommended for people like this NEWLINE ・ People who like mystery solving and reasoning NEWLINE ・ People who want to play games that can be played for free NEWLINE ・ People who want to play less difficult mystery solving games NEWLINE > ・ People who like mystery games NEWLINE NEWLINE ◆ To YouTuber and game commentators NEWLINE This game allows the game commentary.

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