Saturday, October 23, 2021

Detective Story: Investigation
Azur Interactive Games Limited
Detective Story: Investigation
The description of Detective Story: Investigation App NEWLINE Reveal the mystery of a murder. Investigate the crime scene using your detective skills. Detective Story: Jack's Case is an interactive detective game which consists of a perfect mix of cinematic storyline games, classic hidden object games and photo puzzles. NEWLINE Dip into the mystical detective adventure quest where you have to seek and find hidden objects, discover all the clues, solve the hidden objects photo puzzles and find who is a killer. Let your brain work! NEWLINE Detective Story: Jack's Case is based on real events. The story narrates events that occurred in Philadelphia several years ago. One day, an unusual package containing a locked box arrived at your detective agency's office. Shortly afterwards, you received a strange phone call. The stranger, who called himself "Jack", said that you have just one hour to save a man's life, and gave you a single clue. NEWLINE NEWLINE But who is Jack, and just what is he after? NEWLINE Why you'll love Detective Story: Jack's Case: NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔎 A mind-blowing storyline based on real events NEWLINE Your goal is to solve quests and seek and find hidden objects, but be careful and don't rush! Some of the quests are tougher than you'd think. NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔎 Detailed HD graphics NEWLINE Detective Story: Jack's Case boasts perfectly detailed pictures and textures. All objects look very realistic, and even small details like hidden figures are easily discernible. NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔎 Lots of different locations NEWLINE Explore a huge city and massive number of locations: from backyards and mystery manors to ship decks and detective offices. NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔎 Over 30 unique characters NEWLINE Get ready to interact with more than 30 characters! Your communication skills will be crucial in solving this criminal case. NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔎 Tons of case evidence NEWLINE Look for clues and find hidden objects all over the place. Even the smallest details matter! NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔎 Fun photo puzzles & mind games NEWLINE Detective Story: Jack's Case is packed with interesting minigames. Seek and find all the seekers' notes and hidden clues! NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔎 Unique collectible cards NEWLINE Collect all the cards and learn more about the world of real criminal kingpins. NEWLINE NEWLINE Welcome regular free updates with new cases! Detective Story: Jack's Case is a hybrid hidden object, detective story and adventure quest. Let the crime investigation begin! NEWLINE We always read and take into account what our players think. Please write your suggestions and wishes in the comments' section. Best regards, your Detective Story: Jack's Case development team!

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