Tuesday, October 12, 2021
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Seek and Find: Mystery Wax Museum Hidden Pictures

Hello, fans of seek and find objects games! Mysterious hidden pictures await you! NEWLINE Immerse yourself in a new mystical detective story full of secrets and puzzles! A severe storm and car accident force you to seek refuge in an abandoned Wax Museum. But an unknown force doesn't let you leave it. The marks of time and vandalism don't hide the beauty and extraordinariness of the exhibits, but where did the burning torches and other signs of life come from? Try out the role of a detective - it's up to you to reveal the terrible secret of the Wax Museum and defeat an ancient Evil! NEWLINE NEWLINE Colorful scenery, animation, and 3D visual effects will make your adventure vivid and fun. Those with a competitive streak can collect bonuses for speed and repeat the quest with new puzzles. Test your seek-and-find skills! NEWLINE NEWLINE The hidden pictures game is TRULY FREE, the whole adventure is open to you without any additional purchases - it's entirely up to you to buy optional tools. This finding objects game attracts players of all ages! NEWLINE NEWLINE Detective game features: NEWLINE - Unusual locations - at many of them you can view 360 degrees or investigate an important section in detail. NEWLINE - Find different documents and follow the gripping story of the Mystery Museum! NEWLINE - Build your collection. Go through hidden object scenes again to try new quests and get new rewards! NEWLINE - Look behind objects! Your clues may be hidden there. NEWLINE - Multiple levels with mystery places full of hidden objects! NEWLINE - Use free hints to find hidden items! NEWLINE NEWLINE Enjoy the beautiful and extraordinary exhibits of the abandoned Wax Museum! Play seek and find detective games and train your brain to find a hidden clues in the picture! This hidden object mystery game is also a perfect language learning app, cause it is translated into 16 most popular world languages. So change the language right in the game and check up your knowledge of foreign languages. NEWLINE NEWLINE If you like adventure hidden object games, this mystery detective game will be perfect for you. If you feel like a quest hunter, hungry for solving the mysteries, you are in the right place playing one of the best search and find games with hidden items. Search tools help to find hidden objects faster and speed up progress! NEWLINE NEWLINE Wax Museum is a free look and find game and thrilling adventure with an awesome graphics, stunning soundtrack, and an extraordinary environment. NEWLINE NEWLINE Find objects mystery game helps you develop an eye for details, sharp memory, and eagle-eye detective skills. The best finding objects games will help you revise vocabulary and have hours of fun! Play hidden objects games and train your brain! Recommend this addictive seek and find game to your friends! NEWLINE NEWLINE If you are looking for high-quality really free seek-and-find games, then “Mystery Wax Museum - Hidden Pictures“ is exactly what you need! You will look and find objects hidden on picturesque locations, play puzzles unique for the genre, and trying out the role of a detective! NEWLINE E

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