Monday, October 25, 2021

dabaApps - Escape Game / Yotsutsu Doors 20/4 Doors 20


Escape Game / Yotsutsu Doors 20/4 Doors 20

--- How to play --------------- NEWLINE NEWLINE ◯ First, let's open the door and go inside. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◯ Press the left and right arrows to move, or NEWLINE NEWLINE ◯ Tap where something is likely to happen! !! NEWLINE NEWLINE ◯ To go back, press the down arrow. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◯ Tap the tool you found to get it! !! NEWLINE NEWLINE ◯ Tap the tools lined up below to make them orange and use them on the game screen. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◯ Tap the tool again in orange to enlarge it. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◯ You may be able to tap the enlarged tool. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◯ When you don't know what to do next, tap the circle button at the bottom right. NEWLINE Tap yes from Ad Video & amp; Hints. A hint will be displayed after watching the ad video. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◯ It will be saved automatically. You can quit and restart wherever you like. NEWLINE NEWLINE Escape by spinning, opening, closing, sitting and planting. NEWLINE NEWLINE * If it freezes, swipe from the top or bottom, press the triangle button at the bottom left, and try to see if the end panel appears. NEWLINE NEWLINE Yotsutsu doors 1 to 8 are for PC only. NEWLINE (1,2,3, Flash file) (4,5,6,7,8, HTML file) NEWLINE Please play if you like. NEWLINE Please visit the homepage NEWLINE

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