Thursday, October 7, 2021

Escape game Escape from the concrete museum
ManiMani Works
Escape game Escape from the concrete museum
Escape from a mysterious art space. NEWLINE A mysterious space woven by concrete and objects. NEWLINE Can you escape by solving the mystery set up there? NEWLINE NEWLINE ============================================ NEWLINE It is a game to explore a room, take a gimmick, and escape from the room. NEWLINE NEWLINE Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate NEWLINE Estimated play time: 15 minutes to 1 hour NEWLINE With auto save function. NEWLINE There is BGM and SE. You can adjust the volume. NEWLINE There is a hint function. NEWLINE NEWLINE ============================================ NEWLINE Operation explanation NEWLINE By tapping various objects, you can check the operation. NEWLINE You can get what you can get by tapping. NEWLINE Change the viewpoint with the triangle button. The lower triangle can be used to reach the previous viewpoint. NEWLINE NEWLINE Tap the item button once to select it, and you can use the item at any position. NEWLINE When the item button is selected, tap it again to display the item details screen.

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