Friday, October 8, 2021

Dyatlov pass: mystery in the night
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Dyatlov pass: mystery in the night
All coincidences with real people are random. NEWLINE NEWLINE The death of the Dyatlov tour group was an incident in the vicinity of mount Holatchakhl in the North of the Sverdlovsk region in early 1959 (most likely on the night of February 2). NEWLINE NEWLINE A group of nine tourists led by Igor Dyatlov, who was making a ski trip in the Northern Urals, died in full force (the only surviving participant of the campaign, Yuri Yudin, left the route due to illness on January 28). According to the results of the official investigation, the accident was recognized as an accident caused by natural force. NEWLINE NEWLINE However, due to the lack of accurate information about the circumstances of the death of the group, journalists and enthusiastic researchers have created many alternative versions of the causes of the accident, which still continue to attract public attention.

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