Friday, October 22, 2021

EscapeGame GreenROOM

The main character awakens in a mysterious green room.NEWLINEEscape the suspicious room and gain freedom!NEWLINENEWLINE・ With gallery mode that allows you to see the mysterious room from various perspectivesNEWLINE・You can play for free until the endNEWLINE・Complete "hints" and "answers" in the gameNEWLINE・Difficulty level is "Beginner to Intermediate"NEWLINE-The latest popular escape game!NEWLINENEWLINE◎ How to playNEWLINEOnly tap operationNEWLINEMove/Check: Tap the place you care aboutNEWLINEItem: 1 tap to use, 2 taps to enlargeNEWLINENEWLINE◎ Sound materialNEWLINESound effect lab:

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