Saturday, November 27, 2021

Escape game Japanese (Nagomi)
Escape game Japanese (Nagomi)
・ It is a simple escape game NEWLINE ・ It can be cleared in a short time. NEWLINE ・ Auto save NEWLINE ・ There is a hint NEWLINE NEWLINE [How to play] NEWLINE ・ Tap to find the place you want to look up NEWLINE ・ Tap an item in the item column to select it. NEWLINE ・ You can use it by selecting the item you want to use and tapping it. NEWLINE -You can expand the item by double tapping while the item is still selected. NEWLINE -It is also possible to combine items by expanding the item and using other items. NEWLINE ・? You can see the hint by the mark of. NEWLINE -You can check how to play with the gear mark and return to the title.

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