Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Dokkiri God Avoidance 3-Escape Game
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Dokkiri God Avoidance 3-Escape Game
Let's avoid the hidden hidden daily routine, part 3. Escape / puzzle game. NEWLINE NEWLINE Bubble popcorn, a bucket of both hands. NEWLINE Balloons caught in trees, dead flowers. NEWLINE Can you rescue the hero from a serious crisis that you visit one after another? NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ Play NEWLINE · When you tap the screen, various things will happen. NEWLINE · I occasionally get items. NEWLINE · Items can be used by dragging and dropping. NEWLINE NEWLINE Even if you stumble on solving a mystery for a moment, it is okay if you look at the hint. NEWLINE Let's try it variously. NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ Recommended points NEWLINE · Free easy, escape, puzzle game. NEWLINE · It looks like a cartoon and it's fun! NEWLINE · Cute, loose characters I can play without boys or girls with a small illustration! NEWLINE · It is completely free and easy for children so it is safe. Picture book instead. Recommended for mama! NEWLINE · Since it is packed with everyday "exist" element, you can make topics at school too! NEWLINE · Has your brain been aging? GOOD also to the brain train with moderate difficulty. NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ Stage introduction NEWLINE 01. Let's avoid the popcorn that starts popping. NEWLINE 02. Let's avoid the formidable technique of a formidable professional wrestler. NEWLINE 03. To lose feathers makes it hard for the face to get over ... try to avoid it well. NEWLINE 04. Let's not grow withered morning glory. NEWLINE 05. What do I do when I feel uncomfortable? NEWLINE 06. Let's avoid what I met in the park. NEWLINE 07. God Avoidance Personnel Award If you think that you are familiar with the stage as usual .... NEWLINE 08. Get away from the coming zombies. NEWLINE 09. There are lots of kikens in the sea in the summer vacation. Do not forget the gym. NEWLINE 10. You will fall down when you move on ice unless you are careful. NEWLINE 11. What did you do with the balloon, which is about to fly now? NEWLINE 12. If you have a lot of appetite friends, the sushi roll sushi does not come to your place. NEWLINE 13. I can not sleep, I will count sheep at such times. But somewhat somewhat strange. NEWLINE 14. The start dash is a game against the car race! NEWLINE 15. Musima sumo confrontation with friends. A fight absolutely can not be defeated. NEWLINE 16. The zombies came back with their friends. Let's avoid it. NEWLINE 17. The main character aimed at the same line as an apple. Pinch of desperate situation. NEWLINE 18. Let's avoid the garter at the bowling alley. NEWLINE 19. Avoid dazzling summer sunlight. Ultra Violet is an enemy of your skin. NEWLINE 20. How do you avoid a tragedy that happened at a haircut? NEWLINE 21. Let's avoid the oni that came on the day of Setsubun. Ogres are outside. NEWLINE 22. I want to taste the taste of autumn. But let's notice the spirit. NEWLINE 23. Welcome to the enchanted mirror world, if you think it is a mirror ... NEWLINE 24. Let's help the tortoises being bullied from the evil on the coast. NEWLINE 25. Weeds in the garden where the grass grew in Bo Bo. You will not finish forever as it is. NEWLINE 26. Buckets held in both hands, pain transmitted to the hands, coming limits. NEWLINE 27. That zombies got powered up and came back. NEWLINE 28. There are lots of things to do in the security of the museum in the night. NEWLINE 29. It was good to have started on the first occasion, but what did you buy? NEWLINE 30. Let's find everyone hiding in the park.

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