Thursday, November 25, 2021

Interactive Detective Tales: Innocent Murder story
HFG - Ena Game Studio
Interactive Detective Tales: Innocent Murder story
Explore the stories with multiple choice characters. You can create your story and choose your own adventures. Every choice you made will lead to different endings. Twists and turns as the story progress such as the surprise appearance. NEWLINE NEWLINE Choose your story with different episodes and adventure chapters. The interactive tales story having different choices that let you choose your path in every episodes. Chapter combines with a unique style and exciting game play. The game improves your reading skill and enlarges your knowledge power. NEWLINE NEWLINE The quality of interaction you get with characters is unprecedented in all episodes. Every chart story episodes is shown as text message conversation. NEWLINE NEWLINE Dive in to immersive visual stories that mix together episode, chapter, romance, love, horror and adventures. Enjoy a drama featuring characters and continue your adventure stories. NEWLINE NEWLINE Solve mysteries crimes and find the serial killer. NEWLINE NEWLINE Create new relationship and gather information with the premium choices. NEWLINE NEWLINE Control what happens next by making wise decisions. NEWLINE NEWLINE Game Features: NEWLINE Immerse yourself in these 10 chapters NEWLINE Explore all 85 ravishing backgrounds NEWLINE More than 50 plus characters NEWLINE Addicting background score NEWLINE Choose your own character style NEWLINE Choose your story from the unique collection

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