Saturday, November 27, 2021

Zombie Fear : survival escape
Rabbit Bay Games
Zombie Fear : survival escape
Zombie survival game, in a dark room only your mind can stop the dead apocalypse. NEWLINE Try to escape, your goal is to survive the dead walking around you, but you don't have weapons, only your brain can find the way out. Can you survive the zombie invasion? NEWLINE NEWLINE You wake up in a psychiatric hospital, you don't even know how you got there. NEWLINE You look around and hear horrible sounds coming from the other room, you have to escape! NEWLINE The hospital is full of zombies and you don't even know how you ended up in that horror hospital. NEWLINE Zombies are not intelligent creatures but the dead are everywhere and you can't afford to make mistakes. NEWLINE Use your brain, not to feed the zombies but to find a way out and avoid the dead who have now filled the corridor. NEWLINE Terror and death, but you must survive. NEWLINE Zombie Fear is a survival game where you don't have to use weapons in this apocalypse war, but your brain to escape from the zombies. NEWLINE An Escape Room full of suspense and staggering zombies. NEWLINE Download Zombie Fear - Survival Game now!

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