Thursday, November 25, 2021

Escape Japanease Hanafuda Room
Studio Kingmo
Escape Japanease Hanafuda Room
◆ ◇ Cumulative total 100,000 DL ◇ ◆ NEWLINE It is a simple escape game. NEWLINE NEWLINE Let's escape from this room! NEWLINE - Tap to select an item or inspect places that look interesting. NEWLINE - Double-tap an item to make it larger. NEWLINE - Sometimes an enlarged item can be inspected or used. NEWLINE - If you can't get any closer to escaping, have a look at the hints on the MENU screen. NEWLINE NEWLINE 【花札】(Hanafuda) NEWLINE It is a type of classic card game in Japan, also called “Flower Cards”. NEWLINE There are 4 types of flowers every 12 months, 48 in all. NEWLINE The origin of 48 pieces is because there were 48 pairs of Portuguese cards.

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