Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Trick & Treat
Trick & Treat
The theme this time is Halloween. Occasionally, I made it with the intention of trying something like this kind of event material. The work is a little more voluminous than usual. NEWLINE NEWLINE Various characters appear in the work, but they are not particularly mischievous. Instead, the whole game will play a prank called "mystery solving", so it's more like "there are sweets but also the mystery solving" rather than choosing between sweets and mischief. NEWLINE NEWLINE Even so, I didn't pay much attention to the escape games so far, probably because I didn't put out people or animals, but the game screen I make is quite suitable for the balance of furniture size. For the first time, I was made to think, "This furniture is unnatural if it is this size. It's a future issue. I thought that the games of other creators were great as such. NEWLINE NEWLINE This time I made it with the item main feeling, so I intend to make the difficulty level lower for those who solve the mystery, but there is also a Walkthrough video this time, so please refer to it when you get stuck.

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