Saturday, December 25, 2021

Murder Mystery 2: A Criminal Case
AP SocialSoft
Murder Mystery 2: A Criminal Case
Finally!!! More than just a Hidden Objects Game! NEWLINE NEWLINE A Sequel to Murder Mystery - Detective Investigation Story! NEWLINE NEWLINE You will continue the story and put your detective investigation skills to the ultimate test in Murder Mystery 2 – an immersive criminal investigator game. Starting in Los Angeles, you'll use your skills of deduction to solve over 30 complex, mysterious criminal cases from multiple homicides to assassinations! NEWLINE NEWLINE Explore realistic dialogue options to learn information about each case – conduct interrogations, inspect bodies, analyze the crime scene and more. Maybe you'll find something that doesn't seem quite right. Does the husband of the victim act a little strange? Or maybe the murder weapon has fingerprints… as the detective, it's your job to find out. NEWLINE NEWLINE As you gather more clues you'll build up a picture of what happened and come to your own conclusion – successfully solve the crime to unlock the next case! NEWLINE NEWLINE ---------------------------------------------- NEWLINE MURDER MYSTERY – HIGHLIGHTS NEWLINE ---------------------------------------------- NEWLINE ⦁ Over 30 mysterious criminal cases to investigate NEWLINE ⦁ Discover clues, analyze crime scenes, interview and interrogate characters NEWLINE ⦁ Cases vary in difficulty, challenging investigations of all skill levels! NEWLINE ⦁ Use logic & deduction to solve cases correctly NEWLINE ⦁ Realistic dialogue for an immersive murder mystery experience NEWLINE ⦁ More exciting cases coming soon! NEWLINE NEWLINE Fans of crime and mystery books, puzzles, and challenging riddles will love our murder mystery game. With story-driven gameplay and lots of different theories to explore for each case, you'll be piecing clues together and solving crimes like Sherlock Homes or Poirot! NEWLINE NEWLINE DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SOLVE EVERY CASE? DOWNLOAD TODAY & FIND OUT!

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