Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Mystical Riddles: Hotel
Do Games Limited
Mystical Riddles: Hotel
Play puzzles and brain teasers in one of the best point & click story quest games! In this one of the top story adventure games, your goal is to find hidden objects needed to become a hero! NEWLINE NEWLINE Do you believe in the Spirit World? If you do, get ready for an exciting journey of supernatural investigation. If you don't, prepare to change your mind! When your friend goes missing while investigating the ghostly rumors at the Snowy Peak Hotel, it's up to you to pick up her trail and find out what happened. Unfortunately, the hotel owner has a reputation to protect, and she's not about to give up the truth so easily! What happened to your friend? Are the rumors true? What secret is the hotel hiding? Buckle up for a case that's sure to go down in history in this bone-chilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! NEWLINE NEWLINE 🧩 Investigate Giovanni and Ricardo's suspicious behavior in the bonus game! NEWLINE Play more exciting puzzles and hidden quest adventure after you finish the main story! More collectibles await you in this unique chapter, where you can seek and find hidden objects and unlock all new branches of the story! NEWLINE NEWLINE 🧩 Collect hotel items and door signs in each scene as you play! NEWLINE Each location has a unique collection of various collectibles to help you in your investigation! Are you ready to go on an exciting big adventure and collect all the hidden treasures while playing new mystery games? NEWLINE NEWLINE 🧩 Enjoy exclusive concept art and music! NEWLINE Our search & find quests have tons of bonus content for you to enjoy! More hidden artifacts need to be found! NEWLINE NEWLINE 🧩 Replay your favorite quests and minigames to unlock challenging achievements! NEWLINE Replay your favorite mystery adventure games to earn as many achievements as you can to brag to your friends! NEWLINE NEWLINE 🧩 You will never get lost with our Strategy Guide! NEWLINE Stuck on any searching games of objects? No problem - our built-in walkthrough will always help you to! NEWLINE NEWLINE This game has a free trial part. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase.

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