Friday, December 17, 2021

Mystery Files: Hidden Objects
Mystery Files: Hidden Objects
Free to play puzzles, brain teasers and mini-games of Mystery Files: Hidden Objects where you need to hide and seek puzzle adventure games and find out hidden objects! This is a library of new hidden object games and stories you can choose from. NEWLINE NEWLINE Play your favorite games! NEWLINE Choose your own adventure! In a single app, you can play any quest you like. An easy-to-read progress meter is going to show you what search and find games you have already completed. Never choose between romance and detective genres - play both! NEWLINE NEWLINE Never get bored! NEWLINE Are you worried about missing a brand new release from Domini? Not anymore! All of our newest finding object games will be added to this wonderful collection. Any hidden object quest you want - at arm's length! NEWLINE NEWLINE Earn achievements! NEWLINE Play and replay your favorite top rated games to earn achievements! Be the quickest one to solve a tricky puzzle and show off your skill to your friends. Can you unlock them all? NEWLINE NEWLINE Gather your own collection! NEWLINE Each of our thrilling adventures is full of secrets and mysteries. Be attentive while you travel unknown worlds and beautiful locations while you find hidden objects! Morphing artifacts, notes that expand the story, and fun trinkets to gather. Will you be able to complete the whole collection? NEWLINE NEWLINE Download Mystery Files: Hidden Objects - choose any quest you like and play for free! If you are interested in the bonus materials or need additional help, you can use the in-game store

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