Friday, December 31, 2021

Grim Tales: Echo Of The Past
Elephant Games LLC
Grim Tales: Echo Of The Past
Can you uncover the mysteries of “Grim Tales: Echo of the Past”? Test your skills in thrilling hidden object puzzles, explore mystic locations and find Alice, Anna Gray's daughter! Immerse into the unforgettable world of Grim Tales! NEWLINE Anna Gray and her grown-up daughter Alice sort the old items in the attic together. Suddenly they find a magic doll among ordinary items – it looks a lot like Alice, and it abducts her. Anna has to find out if this is related to the past of her mother Anastasia and save her daughter. NEWLINE ● ENCHANTED DOLL ABDUCTS ALICE NEWLINE Find out how this doll ended up in the attic of the Grays and how it's connected to this family. NEWLINE ● LEARN WHAT THE PAST OF ANNA GRAY'S MOTHER HIDES NEWLINE Uncover the truth by solving engaging puzzles and mysterious mini-games. NEWLINE ● FIX THE MISTAKES OF THE PAST TO SAVE ALICE NEWLINE Complete hidden object scenes and enjoy spectacular fantasy locations. NEWLINE ● MAKE SURE ANNA'S PARENTS MEET IN THE PAST NEWLINE Play as young Anastasia and Richard to save the troupe of actors and the puppeteer from the wrathful theater owner and enjoy the bonuses of Collector's Edition! Replay your favorite mini-games and HOPs!

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