Saturday, December 25, 2021

Legendary Tales 2
Five-BN Games
Legendary Tales 2
A dreadful prediction came to the oracle — the cataclysm is coming. The renegade witch is about to save the world or ruin it… NEWLINE NEWLINE “Legendary Tales: Cataclysm” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests. NEWLINE NEWLINE A vision came to the oracle. A global catastrophe was about to happen and witches were to blame. After all the resurrection sarcophagi had been destroyed by the werewolf, the circle of witches was in a panic. They sent expeditions to look for new sarcophagi. They found something much more priceless, but they didn't have a clue about how dangerous their find was... NEWLINE One witch must stand against friends and enemies to save a peaceful existence. She will make her way using force and cunning to discover an unbelievable find that will forever change the world as she knows it. NEWLINE NEWLINE Stop the impending cataclysm by revealing an unexpected secret NEWLINE Play for unique characters to learn new stories of the Legendary Tales world NEWLINE Explore the magic world and become an attentive collector NEWLINE Enjoy stunning locations and beautiful soundtracks NEWLINE Solve dozens of puzzles and test yourself in exciting mini-games NEWLINE NEWLINE The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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