Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Slice of Sea
Mateusz Skutnik
Slice of Sea
Slice of Sea is a peaceful adventure and puzzle game. You play as Seaweed, a sea creature clearly out of their element. Explore desolate world of dust, all hand-drawn on paper in unique art style. Collect items, solve puzzles and lead Seaweed back home to the sea. Music was created by Thumpmonks and main theme song written and performed by Cat jahnke.NEWLINE "What's most important here is how wonderful it looks. It's a constant joy just to stare at, with the most amazing creature designs throughout. It's all hand-drawn, then animated, then given even more depth with superb sound effects."NEWLINE John Walker on Buried Treasure NEWLINE NEWLINE "Slice of Sea is subtly stunning. The hand drawn animations are lively and constantly moving in a lifelike, mesmerizing fashion. It's hard to tell if the scenes are above ground or below the water's surface at times, but I'd say that makes it all the more enchanting. There is so much excitement and detail going on in each scene that every environment feels new, no matter how many times you've walked through it. Paired with an ambient but expressive soundtrack that serves to heighten the entire experience, Slice of Sea looks and sounds spectacular."

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