Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Fatal Affair on Cape Fog
Midnight Adventures LLC
Fatal Affair on Cape Fog
Do you love Murder Mysteries, drama, and deep stories and novels with twist endings? Do you love puzzle solving and adventure games? NEWLINE NEWLINE Fatal Affair on Cape Fog will be right up your alley! This game combines story telling in the form of a short novel, along with some fun puzzles, gorgeous atmosphere, and deep exploration into a beautiful setting with gorgeous animations, sounds that take you away into the sights, sounds and smells of the idyllic & fictional town of Cape Fog! NEWLINE NEWLINE You and your husband venture off to the idyllic town of Cape Fog to relax and unwind. While your husband embarks on a work assignment, you quickly settle into town, forming a social circle of close friends, eager to show you around! NEWLINE NEWLINE As you settle in with new friends and townsfolk, word spreads through Cape Fog that a young woman is deceased, and her death is currently being investigated as a murder. NEWLINE NEWLINE Local residents inform you to stay away from her former abode, the iconic mansion on the hillside. Townsfolk claim the deceased young woman has been haunting the place ever since, and they have deemed the house uninhabitable. NEWLINE NEWLINE You take it upon yourself to find out more about this mystery woman & her history in this town as you interview her family and close friends. NEWLINE NEWLINE As you begin to unravel her story & hear whispers of folks in the village, you discover distressing information about your husband's potential involvement with this beautiful young woman. Why has he never mentioned her before? NEWLINE NEWLINE Will your discoveries unearth the unthinkable & be more twisted than you could have ever fathomed? NEWLINE NEWLINE Do you have what it takes to solve the murder mystery, and all the puzzles and clues that pave the way? NEWLINE NEWLINE Discover deadly clues & unravel the big mystery that will lead up to an electrifying and theatrical finale that will leave you feeling unnerved!

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