Saturday, December 4, 2021

Escape game Blizzard
Escape game Blizzard
Welcome to "Escape Game Blizzard". NEWLINE NEWLINE It is a simple escape game where you escape from a mysterious building that was chased by someone in a snowy mountain and rushed into it. NEWLINE NEWLINE This escape game is a simple tap and you can enjoy it for free until the end. NEWLINE NEWLINE 【how to play】 NEWLINE ・ Tap to find out where you are interested NEWLINE ・ Tap an item to select it, then tap the place you want to use. NEWLINE ・ If you want to check the item, tap the item twice to enlarge it. NEWLINE -Some items can be combined by tapping another item while selecting an item in the item box. NEWLINE NEWLINE 【feature】 NEWLINE ・ It is an escape game where you can enjoy a quaint world view with beautiful graphics and BGM. NEWLINE ・ There are many simple mysteries that even beginners can enjoy. NEWLINE ・ It is an auto save. You can always continue from "Contenue" on the title screen.

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