Saturday, December 18, 2021

📜 Rules NEWLINE Somehow you are trapped in a locked room. NEWLINE NEWLINE Find the hidden item, unlock the gimmicks and escape from the room to clear the game. NEWLINE NEWLINE 🎮 Operation method NEWLINE You can change the viewpoint or get the item by left-clicking the mouse. NEWLINE NEWLINE Some can be operated with a click, such as buttons and drawers. NEWLINE NEWLINE You can enter characters on the PC in the room with the keyboard. NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔍 Viewpoint movement NEWLINE When you move the cursor to the edge of the screen, a triangular button will appear. NEWLINE NEWLINE Click the button to change the viewpoint in that direction. NEWLINE NEWLINE If you find a place in the room that interests you, click to move closer and check it out. NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔑 About items NEWLINE The items you get will be displayed in the item field at the bottom of the screen and can be used by clicking. NEWLINE NEWLINE To use an item, click to select it and then click where you want to use it. NEWLINE (Example) Select "Key" in the item field → Click the keyhole → Unlock NEWLINE NEWLINE Click the (+) mark that appears in the lower right corner when you mouse over an item to open the details screen, where you can see the item in detail. NEWLINE NEWLINE On the details screen, you can drag to rotate an item to inspect it, or use another item for that item.

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