Sunday, February 20, 2022

Escape game Sandbox

--------------- Addendum --------------- NEWLINE In the current version, you can only play tutorials. NEWLINE Because of the cooperation of external services, there is a restriction that the cooperation is not approved unless it is registered and published once in the store, and there is a time lag until various approvals. NEWLINE This is a procedure only for the first time, so please wait for a while. NEWLINE The stage will be available this weekend. NEWLINE -------------------------------------- NEWLINE NEWLINE Stage update type Escape game. NEWLINE NEWLINE Estimated difficulty: Easy-normal NEWLINE NEWLINE Sandbox We will prepare a mystery to try various things and find a solution like a child playing in the sandbox. NEWLINE NEWLINE The difficulty level is easy, and hints and answers will be prepared, so even beginners of escape games should feel free to start. NEWLINE NEWLINE Please use the in-app menu instead of reviews for bugs, bugs, requests, etc. NEWLINE NEWLINE ・ Caution ・ NEWLINE Currently (Ver.1.0.0), only the tutorial is open to the public. NEWLINE From the next update, we plan to release the stage in an additional download format.

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