Friday, March 11, 2022

Escape from Ryugu Castle Easy escape game for beginners

This is an easy escape game recommended for beginners, with Taro Urashima as the main character. NEWLINE You can enjoy it quickly and quickly ♪ NEWLINE NEWLINE If you have any problems, there are hints so anyone can enjoy it. NEWLINE There are 4 types of endings! You can play for free until the end. NEWLINE NEWLINE * Due to the multi-ending, not all items can be used in one scenario. NEWLINE * A simple escape game for beginners. Not recommended for those looking for a high difficulty game. NEWLINE NEWLINE How to play NEWLINE 1. Tap the item to get it. NEWLINE 2. The acquired item can be used by selecting the item field. NEWLINE 3. Tap the item field twice to enlarge the item and check it. NEWLINE 4. Certain items can also be combined with each other. NEWLINE NEWLINE [Points] NEWLINE -A brain training game that can be done quickly NEWLINE -Recommended for killing time in the gap NEWLINE NEWLINE [Recommended for such people] NEWLINE -Brain training Those who like quiz games NEWLINE ・ Those who like escape games and mysteries NEWLINE ・ Those who are not good at difficult games NEWLINE ・ Those who want to kill time NEWLINE NEWLINE [I borrowed materials] NEWLINE ・Illustration AC NEWLINE ・ Comic And ... NEWLINE ・ ICOOON MONO NEWLINE ・ Irasutoya NEWLINE ・ Sound effect lab NEWLINE ・ Amacha no Ongaku Kobo

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