Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Escape game Loophole

Welcome to the world of escape game LOOP HOLE NEWLINE NEWLINE When you open the door to get out of the room, you wake up on the bed before you know it NEWLINE NEWLINE Get out of this room I don't remember, and I feel like I'm repeating the exact same day every day. NEWLINE NEWLINE Is this world real? NEWLINE NEWLINE Can you get out of this room? NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ ◇ ■ ------- Special Features ------- ■ ◇ ■ NEWLINE ・ This escape game consists of 3 stages, a large-scale mystery. It's a solving world NEWLINE ・ All operations are as simple as tapping NEWLINE ・ Progress is automatically saved, so you can start from the middle NEWLINE ・ I'm stuck in how to proceed At times, we have "hints" and "answers" so you can proceed quickly to the end. NEWLINE -You can enjoy it for free until the end. NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ ◇ ■ ------ -How to play ------- ■ ◇ ■ NEWLINE ・ Tap the place you care about to find out NEWLINE You may find puzzles and items NEWLINE ・ Get it Items that have been displayed can be enlarged by tapping the item box. NEWLINE -Items can be combined with other items or used in the field. NEWLINE -Hidden hints for solving mysteries in various places. increase. Tap various places to find hints. NEWLINE -If you don't know how to proceed or solve a mystery, NEWLINE there is a "hint" button, so let's use it. NEWLINE " If you can't solve it even if you look at the "hint", you can proceed with peace of mind because we also have an "answer". NEWLINE -If you start from the middle, you can start from the "CONTINUE" button on the title screen. br> ■ ◇ ■ ------- Provided ------- ■ ◇ ■ NEWLINE We used sound effects from the following site. NEWLINE NEWLINE Pocket Sound http://pocket-se.info/ NEWLINE Sound Effect Lab https://soundeffect-lab.info/

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