Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Dark Dome

Escape from the Shadows

Detective Larsen has received an odd request: Bring someone from the afterlife. Detective Ren Larsen has received a strange request from Carissa: Bring someone back from the afterlife. Bastian has been kidnapped by the shadows and taken to another world, and he must be returned as soon as possible or he will become a shadow forever. The details are scarce, with only two clues to start: a cabin whose location is unknown and a place called Penumbra about which nothing is known. Will the detective be able to bring Bastian back to our world? Escape from the Shadows is the seventh installment in the Hidden Town series of escape games. Embark on a thrilling point-and-click adventure and solve puzzles and riddles trying to escape from the shadow world. The Dark Dome games can be played in any order, allowing you to discover how the interconnected stories in each chapter unveil the mysteries of Hidden Town. This particular episode intertwines with Haunted Laia and Another Shadow. - Here's what you can expect from this game: Numerous intricate puzzles and challenging puzzles to unravel in different areas of our world and the shadow world as the detective tries to rescue the characters. Immerse yourself in a suspenseful and captivating storyline, featuring endearing characters from previous games looking to be rescued. Marvel at stunning artwork and immerse yourself in the deep soundtrack that enhances the interactive storytelling experience. An extra challenge awaits: Seek out and find all 9 hidden shadows scattered throughout the entire game. They may be lurking in unexpected places, so keep your eyes peeled. - Premium Version: By purchasing the Premium Version, you gain access to a secret scene where you can embark on a parallel story of Hidden Town, full with additional puzzles and riddles. Furthermore, all ads are removed, and you'll have unlimited access to hints without any interruptions. -How to play: Interact with objects and characters in the environment by simply touching them. Utilize items from your inventory by combining them or using them on relevant game objects to create new tools that aid your progress. Test your intellect and solve the challenging puzzles and riddles along the way. "Dive into the enigmatic tales of the Dark Dome escape games and unravel all their secrets. Hidden Town still holds countless mysteries waiting to be discovered." Find out more about Dark Dome at darkdome.com Follow us: @dark_dome

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