Sunday, October 8, 2023
Vincell Studios

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery2

Future Crimes Await. Dive into Murder Mystery. Solve Puzzles & Catch the Killer. Dive into a fully interactive murder mystery adventure with Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery 2! How do you solve a murder that has not been committed… yet? Take a peek into the future with Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery 2 and help Mallory and Mark stop the crime! Embark on a thrilling journey into a futuristic, crime-solving, murder mystery game with Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery 2. It is an immersive detective mystery that defies times itself. Leap into the future - where you solve puzzles, interrogate suspects, and stop a murder from taking place. Join Mallory and Mark, who are armed with a groundbreaking technology that allows them to access the future. Together, they must stop a crime from occurring. Play a cautionary tale of ambition and greed that can lead people down a dark path. Mallory and Mark encounter two brilliant entrepreneurs who have unlocked the secrets of time manipulation. However, as they peer into it, they realize how grim it is. One of the entrepreneurs will get murdered, and the duo can't turn a blind eye. As Mallory and Mark delve deeper into the investigation, they realize how deep the lies and deception are. Now, they must race against time and outsmart the criminal before the clock runs out! Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery 2 is a hidden objects game that is both a whodunit and an interesting futuristic exercise of science fiction. Unearth clues, unravel the truth and expose hidden motives to save the genius entrepreneur. His fate lies in your hands as lines between present and future blur. Help Mallory and Mark get to the bottom of this hi-tech mystery. Are you ready to peek into the future and change it? Download Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery 2 for FREE! Key Features: 🔍A thrilling, futuristic point-and-click adventure game! 🔍An innovative storyline! 🔍Cutting-edge locations and scenes to explore! 🔍Solve mind-boggling puzzles and riddles! 🔍A diverse cast of characters, each harboring secrets! 🔍Play addictive mini-games! 🔍Dive deep and uncover hidden motives! 🔍Solve the mystery of the future murder! 🔍Get the whole game for free! 🔍Available in 7 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian) About Vincell Studios: Vincell Studios is an indie mobile gaming studio that houses a team of seriously talented artists, designers, animators, and developers. Everyone at heart is a hardcore gamer with a goal to create unique and exciting hidden objects puzzle escape games that draw in players from every milieu and across age groups. Our passion for adventure and mystery escape games speaks through the compelling storylines, fascinating visuals, and extraordinary puzzles that we labor over and create. VISIT US: Write to us at in case of any queries. We are happy to help! Follow us on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:

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