Saturday, December 23, 2023
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Crisis ipatsu!-Escape Game

Avoid one crisis after another! A suspicious figure sneaks in while you're away. Frozen puddles blocking the route to school in the middle of winter. A straw hat blown away by the wind, and a guard dog sleeping beyond it... Let's help the hero out of any crisis! A loose escape/puzzle-solving game. ●How to play ・Various things happen when you tap the screen. ・Sometimes you can get items. - Items can be used by dragging and dropping. Even if you have trouble solving a mystery, just look at the hints and you'll be fine! It's a stage system, so you can play quickly in your free time. ●Recommended points ・People who like the brother app "Prank God Avoidance" series ・It's completely free and easy, so it's recommended for parents and children! - Cute, loose-character illustrations that can be played by both boys and girls! ・It's full of everyday elements, so it's great for creating topics at school! ・For people who like collecting! - Appropriate difficulty, perfect for brain training ◎ ・Even people who are not good at escape games can enjoy it! Easy puzzle solving. ・Maybe it will bring back some nostalgic memories? Easy smartphone app game. ●Stage introduction 01 "Crisis of being late"…New semester starts today! ...But today, the traffic light is not turning green... 02 "Crisis from Behind"...When you're playing a video game at home, you meet an uninvited guest wearing a hockey mask. 03 "Crisis of being crushed"...When you wake up, you find yourself in a mysterious abandoned factory. A few seconds before being crushed by the press. 04 "The danger of looking away"…There is a hidden treasure deep in the forest. During your adventure, be careful to look away! 05 "Crisis of face collision"…While on the way to school, a soccer ball suddenly hits his face! 06 "Slip Crisis"...A frozen puddle in the middle of winter. How to pass without slipping...? 07 "Library Crisis"...When I reached out to pick up a book, I couldn't get off the stepladder. 08 "Crisis o

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