Saturday, December 23, 2023

Escape Game Office Space

TRISTORE's escape game Escape game that can be played with just taps, set this time in an office. Solve the various mysteries hidden in each room and aim to escape from the office. Game Features **Auto-Save Feature** Automatically saves your progress in the escape game. Note: Deleting the app will also delete the saved progress. **Hints and Answers Feature** If you get stuck in the escape game, you can watch a video advertisement to get a 'hint' or the 'answer' to solve the puzzle. **Capture Feature** 1. Watching video ads allows you to use the camera a limited number of times. 2. You can take pictures of various enlarged areas, so capture parts you think are necessary for solving the puzzles in the camera. Note: You can also take pictures of areas unrelated to the puzzles, so look for suspicious places. How to Play the Escape Game - Tap on areas of the screen that interest you to investigate. - Movement is done by tapping the arrows at the bottom of the screen. - Items you acquire can be selected by tapping on them. - Tapping an item again allows you to enlarge and examine it more closely. - In certain places on the screen, you can solve puzzles by selecting and using items. - Some specific items can solve puzzles when you select and use them. Regarding Advertisements - The production of the escape game is supported by advertising revenue. Please understand.

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