Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Escape room : Metaroom

A wealthy man with huge houses and vast wealth in the virtual world, he instructs butlers to design a secure safe to protect his property. He designs a secure safe, but his anxiety causes cracks in virtual reality. Escape from virtual reality and dig into the secrets of reality. For those who find it difficult to escape the room, the difficulty level has been made very easy. Of course, as the chapter progresses, the difficulty level increases little by little. Even beginners can easily play it with kind video hints. Feel the pleasure of escaping! - Precautions- The data is initialized when the device is replaced or the application is deleted after the game is installed. Game characteristics - Anyone can easily play it with a simple game method. - Meet cute and cute voxel graphics - Solve various puzzles and tricks and escape the virtual reality world - The item is made in 3D. Take a good look at the item. - If you're having a hard time with puzzles and tricks, try the hint system

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