Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Miss Holmes 5: Seek Objects

Is Sherlock Holmes a villain? Help Charlotte Holmes discover the secrets of the past and restore Sherlock Holmes' reputation. Solve riddles and unsolved mysteries in this crime investigation game! Seek and find missing objects! ________________________________________________________________________ Will you manage to solve the mystery of Miss Holmes: The Milverton Plot? Immerse yourself in the brain detective game, solve puzzles, explore unusual locations and find out what surprise the abandoned mansion has prepared for Charlotte Holmes in this crime investigation game? Note that this is a free trial version of the brain detective game. You can get the full version by means of an in-app purchase. Charlotte Holmes cannot stay away when her famous ancestor is accused of crimes. The evidence seems irrefutable. Incredibly irrefutable. But what if Mr. Holmes's misdeeds are the only possible interpretation of events, even if at first it seems so incredible? Charlotte will have to find out - and even a threat to her life cannot interfere with her intentions. SEEK OBJECTS AND FIND THE SOURCE OF COMPROMISING MATERIAL ON MR. HOLMES. Who wrote to the newspaper about the crimes of Sherlock Holmes? What are they trying to achieve? And how is the deceased Charles Augustus Milverton connected with him? An exciting plot that will be enjoyed by fans of brain detective games and finding games. WHY DOES THE INFORMANT HIDE THEIR IDENTITY SO CAREFULLY? Seek and find hidden objects, solve unsolved mysteries and complete fun mini-games to find out who hates Sherlock Holmes so much that they're willing to ruin his reputation. Find clues to speed up the gameplay but don't forget to follow the story! FIND OUT HOW FAR THE VILLAIN CAN GO TO HURT THE HOLMES FAMILY. Find missing objects and examine evidence to identify suspects! Complete engaging hidden objects scenes and feel the thrill caused by the unexpected plot twists. FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO CHARLOTTE HOLMES IN THE BONUS CHAPTER

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