Wednesday, February 14, 2024

escape game: GHOST

escape game:GHOST ~ A virtual prison for the soul ~ --- Here you are, the VR world created by the mysterious system called GHOST. The player is trapped in this world as a ghost. To escape, you need to solve puzzles and mysteries of the GHOST system. Now, can you reach the truth of GHOST and free your soul? [ Features ] - A gentle difficulty level suitable for beginners with automatic use of items. - Simple one-tap controls for easy operation. - Uncover tricks scattered everywhere to discover various items. - Multiple endings depending on your item completion status. - Enjoy the convenience of the autosave function. - The keyword for this time is "Virtual reality" - Enjoy the two-stage endings. [ How to play ] - Investigate areas of interest by tapping the screen. - Easily change scenes by tapping the screen or using arrows. - Hints are available when you're in trouble to guide you through. --- Please enjoy the slightly unusual world of playPLANT. Check out X(Twitter) for the latest info.

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