Friday, February 9, 2024
Richard Potter

Lost Coast

In 2023, humans, lacking understanding, discharged nuclear waste into the ocean, leading to the emergence of a virus.Due to the evaporation of seawater and atmospheric circulation, a massive outbreak resulted in the near extinction of humanity.The virus's rapid transmission was unstoppable, irreversible, and incurable, but most importantly, it was almost artificially created.Dr. Max, a talented virus expert from Florida, discovered that many organisms in the ocean still maintained their original healthy ecology.Perhaps the antidote to the virus could be found deep in the ocean.Before the outbreak of virus infection in the laboratory, he hibernated himself and left the port, drifting on the sea for an unknown amount of time.His dormant survival system malfunctioned, causing the brain to lose important memories.When he woke up, the ship docked at the pier of Molokai Island, and a bird flew by. He had a splitting headache and felt that all of this seemed to be related to his purpose of coming to the island.Next, he needed to explore the island and find the destination of his trip.

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